Our Partners

Twisted Transport

Twisted Transport is a friendly relaxed VERIFIED VTC and since we started back in March 2022 our community has rapidly grown to 170+ members from all around the world. We are very active in discord and on TMP. We also play other games such as ATS, FIFA 23, Farming Sim 22 & many more.

The Quick Delivery (TQD)

It is one of the most active and Fame Arab caravans in TruckersMP community.

The Quick Delivery was founded by [Anas trucker] on 27 Feb 2020.

LKW Logistics

LKW Logistics has been re-launched by Nemesis and Frankie over a year ago. There were two other attempts at starting LKW Logistics before. However, this has not turned down Nemesis, the current CEO of LKW Logistics, from launching this VTC again.

At The Mile Logistics

At The Mile is a gaming community that was founded in January 2022. Our aim is to have a server that is a community that we all can enjoy and relax while playing their favorite games. But within this community we have a Verified VTC that is professional and fun that launched on May 2022. Our goal as a VTC is to be a place where everyone can enjoy their trucking without the harsh requirements, and that is why we are relaxed on requirements to remain active. We also have a positive, fun, and welcoming community and staff. We hope to see you all At The Mile.

PRVTC was created on 18th May 2022 by - Pink Ribbon - on a mission to spread awareness of the Pink Ribbon and its cause. We show support for the Pink Ribbon campaign by proudly wearing the Wings Of Hope livery! Our Official Livery is not just an average repeated colour scheme and paintjob as we focus on the Wings of Hope and beautiful shades of Pink to stand out from the crowd and have the uniqueness!

Indian Truckers

INDIAN TRUCKERS is an INDIAN-based VTC established on 21st June 2020. We are experienced in the virtual trucking atmosphere. You can join us to have fun on the roads. We have a sociable and pleasant community. We have a trustworthy staff team and we also do public convoys across the map. Our main priority is to “Enjoy the game”. Anyone from INDIA is free to join our VTC as long as they meet our requirements. We are an active community dedicated to EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 along with AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR.

Global Trucking is Please to announce a Partnership with GPRO

Silver Phoenix

Silver Phoenix Express was established on June 18, 2018, with more than 75 members and a complete management team. Silver Phoenix Express will create a relaxed, lively and comfortable driving experience for you, and cultivate excellent truck drivers. Our title: Unity and hard work, pragmatic and efficient. A relaxed and harmonious team is waiting for you!

Unity International BV

We are a vtc for young and old we started on 30.01.2022. We are a transport company like no other that knows what logistics is all about and the customers we visit know what we expect from them and what they expect from us . We are a community that is changing the way virtual trucks are today. We hire truck drivers all over the world to use their time with our company. Our mission was to create a place where truckers on ATS and ETS2 could come together to form a friendly community of all forms. Our drivers always come first and to do that, we need to put responsibility, respect, trust and initiative on all members to be able to go. And we love to drive through the beautiful landscapes.

GAAT Group

The focus of the group is the escort, the escort team will support the associated companies in their public events.

Also, GAAT will hold one mega train per year for the entire ETS2MP community.

In terms of communication, GAAT has a public relations team to bridge the gap between Brazilian and foreign companies.

And it would be an honor to have you also in this group to further strengthen our events and our partnerships.

Stride Haulage

Stride Haulage is a modern Scandinavia-themed VTC that strives to deliver the best possible experience to the virtual trucking community. Our drivers are the heart of our community. We take great pride in every single one of our drivers and we work had to make you feel the same way!

Nova era Transporte

Nova era Transportes is a TMP Verified Argentine company that was founded on January 25, 2021 for the sole purpose of having fun with friends from the entire trucking community Trying to achieve a better "First Company" experience for many inexperienced drivers and a place quiet and comfortable for those experienced drivers.

AKA Group

It all came out of the head of a group of friends who had a common passion and were meeting more and more often to enjoy that passion.

Preparations were soon made and AKA Group was founded. Founded on 02.07.2022,

AKA Group has a community of sincere, enthusiastic and self-sacrificing people who love to share ideas and engage in activities together. Our door is always open to new members, regardless of their experience level.