Global Trucking VTC Rules

1. Please abide by Discord Rules.
2. Please abide by TMP Rules.
3. Must be the age of 13 or Over.
4. Attend 1 Convoy per month
5. To complete 500 miles (805 km) on a monthly basis.
6. Only be in one VTC.
7. Do not mention any other Driver , VTC or staff of TMP in any negative way.
8. More than 50 hours play time on ETS2 or ATS or combined.
9. As you are a driver of Global Trucking please respect other drivers on TMP.
10. Be Active within the VTC.
11. No more than 2 active bans on TruckersMP.
12. Do not discuss any type of driver bans which is in place by TMP.
13. Do not contact members through DM messages from this server unless they have asked you to Respect there Privacy.
14. Do not ping staff unless they are active on Server (if they have DND please do not ping them).
15. Only Genuine Copies of ATS and ETS2 are allowed and registered on Steam.
16. While Driving 3 or more with Global Trucking abide by Convoy Rules.
17. We do not tolerate profanity, bullying, verbal abuse, insults, discriminatory language, hate speech or threats or any political issues across the world of any kind Let’s keep this server neutral.
18. No Recruiting by DM or Links , this will not be tolerated.

Please Note!

We do not appreciate Drivers Joining our VTC and then immediately leaving , it takes time away from our staff who are more than happy to help and guide you throughout the process of becoming a driver.

announcement by GTpete

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