Global Trucking VTC Rules

1. Please abide by Discord Rules;
2. Please abide by TMP Rules;
3. Minimum age requirement – 13;
4. Attend 1 Convoy per month;
5. Complete 500 miles (805 km) on a monthly basis;
6. Only be in one VTC at a time;
7. Do not mention any other Driver, VTC or TMP staff in any negative way;
8. Have more than 50 hours of in-game time on ETS2, ATS or combined. Drivers Under 50 hours will need to go through a Driver Training Program;
9. Respect other drivers on TMP;
10. Be Active within the VTC;
11. Have no more than 1 active ban on TMP (your punishment history on TMP should be set to public so we are able to see whether or not you have active bans);
12. Do not contact members through DMs if they have asked you not to do so;
13. Do not ping staff if their activity status is set to DND;
14. Only Genuine Copies of ATS and ETS2 are allowed. They have to be registered on Steam;
15. Profanity, bullying, verbal abuse, insults, discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, xenophobia, racism, homophobia or discussing any political issues across the world is extremely prohibited, both in chat and voice chat.
16. No Recruiting by DM or Links, otherwise known as Poaching, is allowed (if this occurs, please contact GT Pete or peacekeeper in confidence);

Please Note!
We do not find it nice when Drivers who join our VTC and immediately leave. It takes our staff sometimes even a couple of hours to set up a driver who is unsure how to download required apps, profiles etc.


announcement by GTpete