Drive Along

Drive Along is a Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) that welcomes many members from around the world to meet on TruckersMP.

We opened our doors on the 7th of February 2022, and we host monthly convoys as well as joining convoys hosted by other VTCs

We strive to be one of the best VTCs out there by attending loads of events, logging loads of miles and having loads of fun!


The Quick Delivery

It is one of the most active and Fame Arab caravans in TruckersMP community.

The Quick Delivery was founded by [Anas trucker] on 27 Feb 2020.

Amart Logistics

Established by AmartHelon on 16/12/2020. Our goal is to bring our country to the first place by making kilometers! It is to make the virtual world socially better! We have a warm family atmosphere! Our company is virtual company! It was to create a place where truckers from ETS2 could come together to form a friendly community of all cultures. Our drivers always come first and to do so we must establish responsibility, respect, trust and initiative towards all members.


At The Mile Logistics

At The Mile is a gaming community that was founded in January 2022. Our aim is to have a server that is a community that we all can enjoy and relax while playing their favorite games. But within this community we have a Verified VTC that is professional and fun that launched on May 2022. Our goal as a VTC is to be a place where everyone can enjoy their trucking without the harsh requirements, and that is why we are relaxed on requirements to remain active. We also have a positive, fun, and welcoming community and staff. We hope to see you all At The Mile.

OCSC Event

We offer a full range of services to help VTCs better manage their convoys. These services range from the complete creation of a convoy with supervision by our standards of excellence services, to just supervision of your convoy, an essential asset when you want to see your projects succeed in a few weeks rather than a few months. We can combine all our products and services to create an offer tailored to your convoy.


whitE Media

whitE Media was founded by whitE on 28.05.2022. Its always aim is to Help TruckersMP Virtual Logistics and Support Them.

whitE Professionally Finds Media in Your Convoys, Does Media-Related Jobs, and Arranges and Delivers to the Founder of VTC after the Convoy. In addition, whitE Media Designs and Delivers to You the WEBSITE, which has a red line on the Verification and Approval of Virtual Logistics, in accordance with the Rules .

Silver Phoenix

Silver Phoenix Express was established on June 18, 2018, with more than 75 members and a complete management team. Silver Phoenix Express will create a relaxed, lively and comfortable driving experience for you, and cultivate excellent truck drivers. Our title: Unity and hard work, pragmatic and efficient. A relaxed and harmonious team is waiting for you!

GAAT Group

The focus of the group is the escort, the escort team will support the associated companies in their public events.

Also, GAAT will hold one mega train per year for the entire ETS2MP community.

In terms of communication, GAAT has a public relations team to bridge the gap between Brazilian and foreign companies.

And it would be an honor to have you also in this group to further strengthen our events and our partnerships.

Unity International BV

We are a vtc for young and old we started on 30.01.2022. We are a transport company like no other that knows what logistics is all about and the customers we visit know what we expect from them and what they expect from us . We are a community that is changing the way virtual trucks are today. We hire truck drivers all over the world to use their time with our company. Our mission was to create a place where truckers on ATS and ETS2 could come together to form a friendly community of all forms. Our drivers always come first and to do that, we need to put responsibility, respect, trust and initiative on all members to be able to go. And we love to drive through the beautiful landscapes.

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